Second Degree Reiki and Animal Reiki Healing Course

If you would like to learn how to use the next stage of Reiki healing for self-healing and to heal animals, this is the course for you. This course is for people who have already completed their First Degree Reiki course.

During three weekly sessions you will go on a journey to further improving your own well-being and learn how you can improve animal’s well-being. After your attunement in the third session which will expand your energy channels and attunes you to a higher frequency of Reiki energy, we will spend the fourth session at a dog shelter, practising giving Animal Reiki healing.

With the help of Reiki, you will be able to:

•             help heal past emotional trauma

•             help enable the healing of physical conditions

•             improve the bond between you and animals

•             improve your health and well-being and that of horses

Reiki is an ancient healing energy that we can all learn to use to heal ourselves,

others and animals.

In this Second Degree Usui* and Animal Reiki course, you will be empowered

(attuned) to the Second Degree Reiki and Animal Reiki, and learn about the

chakra’s in both humans and animals and how we use distance healing. You

will receive a journal, information sheets and worksheets. Certificates will be

given to those who successfully complete the course.

Unlike other light-touch courses, this in-depth course provides you with the

support, insight and practice to be able to use the healing Reiki energy

confidently, and be able to integrate this into your life.

During the course you will get support from the group and the course leader, including a chance to talk about your experiences and difficulties. You will grow spiritually and will be better equipped to get the most out of Reiki Healing Energy. This way you will be much more likely to use your new skill and grow with it.

The course will be held at Pauline Smit Reiki, 10 Nansen Avenue, Monton, Eccles, M30 8AT from 6.30pm till approx. 9.30pm. There is free street parking at the venue.

The fourth date we will schedule together and is likely to be a weekend or bank holiday when we will all go together and visit a dog shelter.

A £50 non-refundable deposit is required at the point of booking and a further £200 is to be paid at the first session.

The course will be held in The Yard Theatre, 41 Old Birley street, Hulme, Manchester, M15 5RE from 6.30pm till approx. 9.30pm. There is free street parking at the venue.

To book a place on this course please follow the Eventbrite link below, contact Pauline Smit Reiki on 07415865883 or via email on

*Usui is the name of the founder of Reiki the way that we know it now

‘Fantastic, Life changing!' 

 Testimonial by Claire

'I loved the last session where we went and practised Reiki on the rescue dogs' Testimonial by Jane

Next course starting 16th June 2022