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Welcome to Pauline Smit Healing.

We will help you live life to the full! 

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We offer the following healing sessions

Reiki Healing: a non-manipulative ancient energy healing therapy for the mind and body.
Sound Healing: using sound bowls to improve physical and emotional health and well-being.
Chakra Healing: energy healing that focuses on channelling energy into the seven chakras.

We offer group Sound Baths at Monton Unitarian Church and The Hub in Westhoughton on Wednesday evenings

We teach Reiki, Animal Reiki both foundation and practitioner courses and the crystal bowl and Himalayan bowl practitioner training diploma course ©

We sell Handmade Himalayan Singing bowls from Nepal, sizes starting at 4" - 12" and all notes available. 

Start making positive changes to your life today


100% of clients seen to date feel Pauline has had a really positive effect on their lives.

Packages of 4 sessions for £140 or individual sessions for £40

Come and see us at our very own Healing Studio in Monton, Eccles, M30 8AT

Book your healing session here

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'Pauline has supported me in my journey of choosing me and I feel so much more in touch with myself and my intuition, thank you!'

from Holly

'I had lost my true self and had become someone I never thought I would. Pauline has supported me through getting to know myself again and be the person I WANT to be.' from Michelle

'After several failed relationships, I was in need of healing and has to look after my mental health. Pauline gave me a place to heal and my mental health has improved drastically. I can't thank you enough, thank you.' from Adam

Salford University has made a short
documentary about Animal Reiki and
my journey so far. From depressed
teenager to Reiki Master and how
animals have always played an important
 role in my life.

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