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Thank you for your kind words! 

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'After several failed relationships, I was in need of healing and has to look after my mental health. Pauline gave me a place to heal and my mental health has improved drastically. I can't thank you enough, thank you.' Testimonial by Adam

'Not only is Pauline a wonderful person but the way she works with the horses is amazing. I have seen massive changes with 2 of my horses in such a short space of time and my friends horse has also improved hugely..highly recommend to all' Testimonial by Katie

'Fantastic lady
Very knowledgeable
Highly recommended'
Testimonial by Helen

'Pauline has worked nothing short of a miracle on my 6 year old Cob. He'd been abused and passed around a lot. Pauline has helped him to relax and trust once again. He opened up to her and what he "said" hit home & now we have fallen in love all over again! Now he is the happy, loving pony he was born to be. I highly recommend Pauline & will continue to have regular sessions for BillyBoy Blue . Such a valuable gift she has.' Testimonial by Jane 

'I had lost my true self and had become someone I never thought I would. Pauline has supported me through getting to know myself again and be the person I WANT to be.' Testimonial by Michelle

'Pauline has supported me in my journey of choosing me and I feel so much more in touch with myself and my intuition, thank you!'

Testimonial by Holly

'Fabulous service. Thank you so much for sorting Jessie’s anxiety' Testimonial by Angie

'Couldn't recommend Pauline enough! My girl loves her Equine Reiki Healing and the difference in her is incredible. Thank you so much!' Testimonial by Amber

'I've not seen my dog this chilled for a long time' Testimonial by Caroline

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