Sound Baths


Sound baths are held in Monton Unitarian Church on Monton Green M30 8AP
Amazing acoustics and settings, not to be missed!
Only £10
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Besides one-two-one sound healing sessions we also offer group sound baths. During a sound bath your sound healing practitioner will take you on a journey. Each sound bath is carefully put together to guide you from a conscious waking state (beta brainwaves) to a relaxed idle state of brain and body (alpha brainwaves) and for some to be followed by a light sleep or deep relaxation (theta brainwaves).

Group sound baths usually last for an hour and in the first part you will get guided by voice to start your relaxation, followed by the sound healing practitioner playing a variety of instruments. Instruments include chimes, rattles, bells, rain sticks, ocean drums and hand drums to list a few. This will prepare and guide you towards the state of mind we need you to be when we heal and restore through sound, the alpha and or theta brainwaves. 

In this part of the sound bath, we play crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls and gongs to bringing mind, body, emotions and soul into a state of health and harmony. The sounds can be an immersive experience that soothes and calms the mind on a deep level, and is very helpful for releasing stress.

Towards the end of the sound bath we use the instruments used to guide you to relaxation such as chimes, rattles, bells, ocean drums and rain sticks to guide you back followed by a period of silence.

The period of silence is very important after the sound bath, this is the time for the vibrations to integrate and settle. 

Next Sound Baths at Monton Unitarian Church:

29th June 22  7-8pm

13th July 22  7-8pm

27th July 22  7-8pm

10th August 22  7-8pm


You will leave the session feeling deeply relaxed, clear and restored

Sound baths for private groups or community groups available, just get in touch to arrange.