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Quartz Crystal bowls or Himalayan bowls?

There are two types of bowls we use in sound healing, quartz crystal bowls and Himalayan bowls. It is totally down to personal preference which type of bowls you’d like to be played in your sound healing session. 

Quartz Crystal Bowls

Crystal bowls are produced by using 99.8% pure crushed and powdered silicon quartz crystal. This is placed in a centrifugal spinning mould, a current is applied and the mix is heated at approximately 4,000 degrees C. this fuses the particles of silicon into an amorphous unified mass, and this is how an opaque Crystal Singing Bowl is born. This process is known as quartz fusion. The bowls create a pure, clear sound as each one is attuned to a specific note. 

Himalayan Bowls

These bowls are mainly produced in India and Nepal and are formulated out of 7 different metals (Gold, Silver, Mercury, Copper, Iron, Tin and Lead). These metals can be hand-hammered, or machine made. The hand-hammered bowls tend to produce a richer sound than the machine-made ones. When played, every bowl is rich in harmonies as each metal resonates at a different frequency and will be affected by the type of puja or mallet (stick) used.

The Himalayan Bowls vary in size so are versatile, in they can be played in the aura over the body and can also be laid on the body, played and also be used to massage the body. The feeling of the massage in the body has a very grounding effect and so lends itself well to releasing pain in the body and tension. The sounds that are emitted are very soothing and relaxing and are effective at releasing stress and tension. The sounds work on all levels of being.

In a 1:1 session we use either the Himalayan Bowls or the Crystal Singing Bowls but they are not used together in a healing. So it is down to personal preference which bowls you’d like to be played in your sound healing session. 

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You will leave the session feeling deeply relaxed, clear and restored

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