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Your Chakra Healing session

The experience during a chakra treatment will vary with some experiencing an emotional release during or after the treatment. The aim is to leave you feeling completely relaxed and refreshed with a great sense of calm and over-all well-being. 

What to expect in your chakra healing session?

Chakra healing sessions take place at our healing studio at the bottom of our garden in Monton, Eccles. During a 1:1 session there is a consultation to discuss the reason for coming for chakra healing and to highlight any areas of focus, so the session can be tailored accordingly. There is also time for you to ask any questions you might have.

There are many techniques to balance and heal chakras, we use crystals, colour and toning in our healing sessions.

The treatments normally last for about 45 minutes and the only item you need to remove are your shoes. You will be asked to lie on your back on the treatment table and to close your eyes when you feel comfortable to do so. 

At the beginning of your treatment there will be a period of silence, the practitioner will place a blanket over your body and begin to place healing crystals on your body over the areas of each of the major chakras. These crystals will stay in place during the session. 

While you start to feel the benefit of the crystals being placed in your energy field, the practitioner will perform a chakra diagnosis with the use of a pendulum. This will indicate how the energy flows in your chakras and energy fields. With this information and anything you may have mentioned in the consultation before the treatment in mind, the practitioner will conduct the session appropriately.

We use toning alongside the colour and healing properties of crystals to balance and re-align your chakras, which is the use of voice by making vowels sounds over the body to balance and re-align your chakras. This is a very powerful and deep relaxing method to heal.

During the session there will be a couple of periods of silence where your body and your energy fields get the chance to integrate the sound and vibrations of the tuning and the crystals.

During the last period of silence, the practitioner will recheck your chakras and energy fields to make sure that they are now aligned and balanced.

When the treatment has finished you will gentle be talked back so you can slowly start bringing yourself back ‘into the room’. 

Generally, the effects of sound healing can last up to 2-3 days.

People come to us for many reasons, including grief, trauma, illness and those suffering with emotional stress.

Chakra healing can help you through all life's challenges so if you have never experienced a chakra healing session before, why not give it a try.












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