What is Sound Healing

Sound healing is becoming ever so popular, sound baths are popping up everywhere but did you know that by having 1-2-1 sound healing sessions you have a tailored experience especially for you.

What is Sound Healing and what are the benefits

Sound Healing is the application of sound frequencies using crystal bowls or Himalayan bowls, with the intention of bringing mind, body, emotions and soul into a state of health and harmony. The sounds can be an immersive experience that soothes and calms the mind on a deep level, and is very helpful for releasing stress. Some people go on a sound journey and feel taken to a deep place of peace, other's experience physical sensations of tingling, release of blocked or stuck energy, or the release of physical tension and pain. The sounds can bring visions or help to connect to inner wisdom and intuition, they can bring clarity of mind, a lightness of being and peacefulness. Each person's experience can vary and is unique. 

Sound Healing works well in a 1:1 session.  It is very effective for releasing stress and providing a safe, supportive space to relax and feel nourished and nurtured, as stress melts away.

The benefits of Sound Healing

•    Clears mind and body of stagnant or blocked energy
•    Uplifting, clearing and relaxing
•    Experience deep relaxation
•    Immersive journey of sound
•    Can ease physical tension and pain
•    Can help to inspire creativity

















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