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Animal Reiki Practitioner Course

If you would like to become an Animal Reiki practitioner and have completed an Animal Reiki Level 1 course in person, this is the course for you. This course is the final part to complete before you can become a registered Animal Reiki practitioner.

As an Animal Reiki Practitioner, it is essential to possess a deep understanding and confidence when providing Reiki to various animals in a diverse range of situations and circumstances, while maintaining competence, effectiveness, and safety. This requires a high level of experience in Reiki, together with a strong understanding of animals. To do this course you must have completed a minimum of Reiki Level II certification and Animal Reiki Level 1.

Sometimes, when an animal has emotional problems, it's connected to how their owner feels. So, before becoming an Animal Reiki Practitioner, you must be a certified Reiki Practitioner and have insurance to work with people. Once you become an Animal Reiki Practitioner, you should also get insurance to work with animals.


With the help of this Animal Reiki course, you will have the knowledge of:

  • Understanding Animals

  • When and how to approach animals in a safe way, to win their trust and to get the

  • best outcomes

  • Recognising, understanding and responding to animal body language, calming

  • signals and common behaviours

  • Basic animal anatomy and physiology

  • Veterinary, animal welfare and health & safety legislation / supporting guidancewhat

  • you need to know and do

  • Practical experience with horses and dogs

  • Ongoing support

​You will receive a course manual, journal and certificate*

*Your certificate is provided when all case studies have been completed and assessed.


During the course you will get support from me the course leader, including a chance to talk about your experiences and difficulties. You will grow spiritually and will be better equipped to get practice Animal Reiki Healing. This way you will be much more likely to use your new skill and grow with it.

A £50 non-refundable deposit is required at the point of booking and a further £300 is to be paid before or on the day of the course.


The course will be held at Pauline Smit Reiki, 10 Nansen Avenue, Monton, Eccles, M30 8AT from 9.30am till approx. 4.30pm.


There is free street parking at the venue and tea and biscuits are provided.

To book a place on this course please follow the link below, contact Pauline Smit Reiki on 07415865883 or via email on 



                                                                   This course is accredited and recognised by UK Reiki Federation

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