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Distant Reiki Healing

Reiki, the Japanese word for 'Universal Energy' is an ancient method of healing. Reiki is a wave of energy that flows through everything. It gently balances, realigns and recharges the body, and triggers the body’s natural ability to heal. Distance is not an obstacle for universal healing energy.

The Distant Healing Session


The initial session starts with a 10-15min phone consultation with your Reiki practitioner. It helps us understand the goals that you want to achieve as a result of the healing and provides us with the information we need. The initial consultation also helps you to get to know us better before the session begins.


During the treatment, you would be asked, to comfortably lie on a bed or sofa and relax. Using the information that you provide, the Reiki practitioner would create your energetical model for distant healing. The healing will be performed on your energetical model, which directly corresponds to your energy body, which would allow the effects from the session to best match the effects of a hands on Reiki healing.


The distance healing session lasts about 30min. During the healing, the Reiki practitioner places her hands approximately 5-10 cm around your energetical model and gives you the healing energy through the palms of the hands, placing their hands at certain Reiki positions.


We will be there during the session to assist you. Due to the nature of distant energy healing, the Reiki energy might affect you directly either during the session, or several hours after the session.


After the session


After the Reiki session, we will have another chat of the phone lasting about 10-15 min to discuss your sensations during and after the session.


It usually takes 3 days for all the energy to settle in after the Reiki session. After the session, you could feel some physical and emotional sensations, which can indicate that Reiki energy is working through. If you would like to discuss any of the sensations, you can always get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.


Packages of 4 sessions start at only £65 or individual session £20

Boost your well-being without leaving your home

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