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Updated: May 28, 2020

Ancient Symbol of Healing

Humans have used symbols as a way to connect with the spiritual world for centuries.

The Antahkarana is a symbol used with Reiki Healing but is not exclusively used with Reiki Energy. It’s frequently used within Animal Reiki Healing, Mediation, Hypnotherapy and chiropractice. So why is the Antahkarana symbol so popular amongst holistic and complementary therapists?

The Antahkarana symbol neutralises and harmonises the energy around us. Having the symbol in your presence will automatically have a positive effect on chakras and energy systems.

When used within meditation it will connect us with our higher self. Our higher self is the part of us that is your ‘gut’ feeling or also known as your intuition. Developing this connection will help us grow our intuition and become more spiritual. During meditation the symbol will automatically create an orbit that travels up and down your body through all chakra neutralising and harmonising the energies of your chakras. This will balance your chakras and prevent too much or too little energy flowing through them.

It will help you ground easier which will help you feel connected to you higher self and find it easier to listen to your intuition.

Having the Antahkarana symbol close to you will increase self-confidence and self-respect. By carrying a printed version in your purse or bag. There is also jewellery available that you can wear this is a very easy to achieve way of carrying this symbol with you.

The Antahkarana symbol also neutralises objects, objects such as crystals or jewellery can collect negative energy over time, you can place the object on an Antahkarana symbol and the symbol will neutralise the energy. Especially with crystals you will find that the crystal looks clearer and brighter in colour after being neutralised.

The Antahkarana is a multi-dimensional symbol. At first impression the symbol appears to be two dimensional, and as it seems flat. When we start looking at the Antahkarana symbol and start appreciating this ancient healing symbol it will appear as a three dimensional cube.

I use the Antahkarana symbol in my Animal Healing work and have experienced positive effects on the results I see in the animals I work with. I leave the symbol underneath dog beds, underneath water bowls/buckets, hanging in stables and have always got an Antahkarana symbol on me. The sky is the limit as the Antahkarana is beneficial to all living beings, so use this symbol in your daily life and it will benefit you and your animals.

For more information about the Animal healing work I do please contact Pauline Smit Reiki.

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