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Combining Usui Reiki and Shambhala Reiki, why is this so powerful?

Why does a Reiki session with Pauline Smit Healing feel so powerful? When I get feedback from my clients it is often mentioned that the session felt so much more powerful than any Reiki experience they had before. I will let you in to a little secret; it might be due to Shambhala multidimensional healing also called Shambhala Reiki.

Shambhala Reiki is said to be a more powerful and multidimensional form of healing than traditional Usui Reiki. This system of healing incorporates many different energy frequencies and techniques. It works on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit, and to help bring about balance and harmony within the individual.

One of the key aspects of Shambhala Reiki is its focus on the heart chakra. This is seen as the gateway to the higher dimensions, and the key to accessing higher levels of consciousness and healing. By working with the heart chakra, Shambhala Reiki practitioners aim to bring about a state of love, compassion, and deep connection with the divine.

During a Shambhala Reiki session, I work with these higher vibrational energies to help clear blockages and balance the chakras. This can lead to a profound sense of relaxation and inner peace, as well as physical healing.

One of the key differences between traditional Usui Reiki and Shambhala Reiki is the use of symbols. In Shambhala Reiki, there are additional symbols that are used to access the higher vibrational energies. These symbols are said to come from ancient Atlantean sources, and are used to connect the practitioner and client to the multidimensional aspects of themselves.

In my Reiki sessions, I often combine Shambhala Reiki with traditional Reiki, creating a unique and powerful healing experience for my clients. I have seen first-hand how it has helped my clients overcome physical and emotional pain, improve their mental clarity, and achieve a sense of inner peace and harmony.

I believe that the combination of these advanced techniques is what makes a Reiki session with me feel so powerful. By accessing these higher vibrational energies and working on a multidimensional level, I am able to facilitate deeper healing and transformation for my clients.

But beyond the techniques and modalities, I believe that what makes a session with me feel so powerful is the intention and energy that I bring to each session. I approach each session with an open heart and a deep desire to facilitate healing for my clients. And I believe that this energy and intention is felt by my clients, contributing to the powerful and transformative experiences that they have feedback.

In conclusion, a Reiki session with me may feel more powerful due to the integration of Shambhala Reiki, but ultimately, it is the energy and intention that I bring to each session that makes the experience truly transformative. If you're curious about experiencing the powerful healing of Reiki and Shambhala Reiki, I invite you to book a session with me and experience it for yourself.

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