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Grounding; how can this help you stay healthy and look after your well-being?

Grounding is also known as earthing, which is the exercise of you connecting to mother earth, through walking bear footed in nature or through visualisation or intention. This allows you to be in the present moment, come back into your authentic self and absorb healing nourishing energy.

Grounding has been practiced since the beginning of time when our ancestors walked around in bare feet. Which perhaps is an explanation for their longevity and good health.

There are many techniques and ways to practice grounding, if grounding is new to you I would suggest you try this 15-minute guided meditation I recorded for you. I will talk you through how to grow roots from your feet deep down into the earth and how to use these roots to breath in the healing energy from the earth and let this fill your body and all it cells.

Your body is made of trillions of cells, and each cell is made of molecules, and a molecule is made of atoms. That is the simplest way of putting it and without going into the science of cells too much. Atoms have unique positive and negative charges; which are based on how many negative electrons or positive protons they carry. Many healthy atoms have a negative charge due to the number of electrons. These healthy atoms can have electrons ‘stolen’ from them and leave them reactive and damaging. We call them free radicals and when they infiltrate cells, our health declines. To stop this destructive process, we need to neutralise free radicals. The point of telling you about this is that we can do this through grounding.

Grounding will support your health by neutralising free radicals

The ‘stealing’ of electrons from healthy atoms usually happens when your body deals with inflammation, infection, cell damage, trauma, stress, and our toxic environments. When our immune system responds to these threats, free radicals are produced, causing our body to struggling and deal with the inflammation, infection, cell damage, trauma, stress, and toxic environments at hand.

Grounding is a simple, inexpensive way how most of us can combat this destructive process. When we ground we absorb negative electrons from the earth which will neutralise the free radicals, and that way supports the immune system

Grounding Improves Sleep, Pain Management, and Stress

Through grounding we seem to be able to improve sleep, support pain management, and reduce cortisol, which is a stress hormone, to support the way we deal with stress.

All these activities are influenced by our nervous system which is the electrical system of the body. An increase of negative electrons from the earth is known to calm the nervous system down by changing from the “fight-or-flight” response toward the “rest-and-digest” response.

Sleep and stress reduction are necessary for pain management, and decreasing the risks of many health conditions. In a study of people suffering from sleep problems and chronic muscle and joint pain for at least six months, grounding each night for one month produced a 74 to 100 percent improvement. The quality of sleep, they felt rested when they woke up; muscle stiffness and pain; chronic back and joint pain; and their general well-being improved.

Grounding helps support a normal cortisol level at night, which in its turn improves sleep, pain, and stress.

Grounding Improves Inflammation and Immunity

Studies also show that grounding positively affects the inflammatory response and the immune system, which has substantial health benefits. We already know that grounding improves cortisol levels. High cortisol levels are associated with chronic stress which will lead to systemic inflammation in the body. Through grounding and normalising cortisol levels you can improve the level of inflammation in the body.

The increase of negative electrons from the earth is known to neutralise the free radicals that have been produced when our immune system was responding to injury, infection, trauma or stress. By neutralising the free radicals, it enables healing at a much faster rate.

When the body is deficient in negative electrons, cells and tissue are vulnerable to destruction, leading to free radicals, systemic inflammation, and chronic immune activation. This increases risks for autoimmunity, infections, chronic pain conditions, and a general decline in the health system and our well-being.

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