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How Alice Took Control of Her Life

It’s 10 am on a Thursday morning and I am sat on my little patio with the sun beating down on my face, with lots of love in my heart and a new appreciation for all that is natural. I stumbled upon Reiki a few years ago in the depths of depression and always had it in mind to learn more. A year or so later I happened to meet Pauline through a wonderful path full of loving people, that I now believe was no accident.

I restarted some Reiki treatments with Pauline and then decided to finally enroll myself on her Reiki 1 course. At first, although I had felt powerful sensations during professional treatments, I struggled to find the Reiki energy in myself. Then the Corona Virus hit. We were forced to postpone the course and life was turned upside down.

Nervous about my financial position, having been furloughed from one job, as well as worried about the vulnerability of older relatives, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I decided to think of it as a good opportunity to practice my Reiki. Little by little I started to feel a gentle, electric-like pulsating in my palms and fingertips. It was a breakthrough!

Pauline then started to offer a weekly online Reiki share session. Since then, and the seven weeks we have been in lockdown (so far!), I have explored Reiki and natural concepts, more and more. I have been able to fill my days with relaxing and enjoyable self-reiki treatments and practices, and believe that these have had the added effect of helping me navigate the current COVID 19 crisis with a relative amount of calm, gratitude and even joy.

I am truly grateful for Pauline’s weekly Reiki shares, which have provided an opportunity for some much needed social contact, something to look forward to and of course the chance to meet, share and reflect on different concepts associated with Reiki among a community of newfound friends!

I am also grateful to the path that lead me to Reiki, which has reminded me of the joy of life’s unexpected twists and turns. I have always been interested in self-care and spirituality, but struggled with the inherent contradictions of some religions - this is a simple and beautiful philosophy that has worked for me.

I am excited to continue my journey, to meet new people, to find out new things and to receive my postponed attunements, when life gets back to normal. And, of course, it goes without saying that I am thankful for Pauline who listens with interest to my journey each week, guides me in my discoveries and has become, above all, a great friend.

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