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N.E.P.A.L - Never Ending Peace And Love

This month my blog is about reflecting on my recent trip to Nepal.

I had never been to Asia and wasn’t sure what to expect. On my sound healing journey I experienced the beautiful Himalayan sound bowls that are mainly made in Nepal. That made me feel I wanted to experience what Nepal was about and their culture, beliefs and healing. As I felt there must be a level of understanding of healing to produce such amazing instruments that are used all over the world for sound healing. I was intrigued.

I experienced a wonderful time at a monastery. I spotted a large golden Buddha on a hill and walked up the hill to find it. I met the person who runs the monastery and was lucky enough to have a sound healing with him. A few days later I joined him and the Monks for their full moon ceremony. I shared blessed fruit with them and taught a group of people from Israel who to play the bowls. The day was amazing and just flowed.

I found people really open and wanting to talk and share, which is a really lovely part of Nepalese culture. In a shop, the man who owned it came over to me and gave me a Buddha statue for free, it was the Buddha represented as a child. He said at first 'it is because you have many children in you', but went on to say he didn't mean childbearing, but meant he could see I was in touch with my inner child.

People we open to talk about mystical and spiritual things without the cynicism which is often too common in the UK, and can close us off from our spiritual opportunities and insights.

Some use the acronym 'Never Ending Peace and Love' to describe Nepal, and this really resonated with me. I felt at peace and full of joy when I was there. I also felt that most of the people I met, who have few material goods and live on low incomes, were rich in other ways. They were hard working, not self-focused and had joy in their hearts.

I have reflected on what I have learned about healing, reaffirming for me that it is within. I already knew this and have been teaching it for years but if there was any doubt the people of Nepal definitely showed me that energy and vibrations in reiki, sound healing and crystal healing are an unbelievable amazing way to enable healing within all beings.

I found there was an enormous difference in culture between Nepal and the UK, and the way I responded to that surprised me. After the first two days I found my way within this culture and I was 100% in my element. The only way I can explain why is the ability to BE was so much easier there with Nepalese culture and life. So much so, that it has taken me some time to find my way back into western ways now I am back in the UK.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Nepal! Why? Because you deserve to experience the ways of this beautiful country. Of course there are many problems too, but the love and joy this country can make you experience will stay with you forever. Nepal has had a really tough time for a very long time, more recently the 2015 earthquake and of course Covid. They struggle, and we as tourists can support them by being respectful tourists in their country. In return they will give you some amazing experiences.

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