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Positivity doesn’t solve all your problems

Some of you might have read the book ‘The Secret’ and discovered from this or other similar books or podcasts a thing called ‘the law of attraction’. This ‘law’ means that if you think positively then positive things will happen in your life. Some people dismiss this as mumbo jumbo, whilst others look to science to explain this. For example, studies have shown that people who have a faith and people who have a positive attitude do tend to have quicker recovery times in hospital. The trouble with this so called ‘law’ is that it begins and ends with thinking positively. It also makes us think that we all start out equal and if we don’t succeed, it is us individually, and not issues in wider families, community or society that have caused us to feel failure.

I am a firm believer in thinking in a positive way, but through my Reiki I experience this as the start of the journey, not the end point. I often find in myself and in others, that when we receive Reiki we develop a clarity of mind. The world is often not equal and sometimes we have a steeper mountain to climb than other people do, but what we often have are some choices. These might be practical choices in our lives, or might be the choice to feel differently about a situation we can’t change.

Through Reiki our minds feel less cluttered and we feel a greater ability to prioritise or to understand more fully a situation we have been in, or a worry we have.

Reiki energy is about letting the fog rise and clarity emerge, and then feeling positive gives the drive to make use of this new found clarity.

If someone is having stress at work, I won’t promise that Reiki will solve this stress. Instead, I have found that the calm of Reiki helps people see the wood for the trees and understand what steps to take to change their lives. Positivity then gives us the confidence or optimism to undertake these steps. This might be to have a difficult conversation with a challenging colleague or it might mean for some people to even change jobs. For others, it might mean investing less in our work and developing more interests outside of work. Positive thoughts don’t make the change happen, but they can make us feel braver to make those changes.

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