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Reiki with animals and babies, why it works so well.

When I first started working full time as a reiki practitioner, my focus was on canine and equine reiki. Some people seemed surprised by this, wondering how dogs and horses could benefit from a complementary therapy. To me however, it seemed very logical: Animals are not sceptics, they are not questioning the feelings they have and are often sponges to the emotional energy of the humans around them, positive or negative. When working with reiki energy therefore, animals accept it and the power it can do. Reiki can do wonders for helping an animal overcome stress, nervousness or agitation. In contrast, some adult humans are sceptical of reiki. Their brains can do lots to over analyse the healing power, which can delay their feelings of relaxation until they can quiet their minds. Babies on the other hand, well that is a different story.

Newborns come into the world without the hang-ups that we learn in later life. They, rather like animals, have instinctive feelings and emotions that are displayed unfiltered. Also like animals, they can be sponges to the emotional energy around them, particularly from their primary care givers such as their mums. Fussiness, colic and rashes can all be a baby’s way of letting us know that they are feeling stressed or anxious. When they hit certain milestones where sleep becomes disturbed or irregular, or when they are teething, it is obvious that they have more discomfort and these stages are often extra tiring for parents.

This is where reiki comes in. Without the pre-conceived notions that adults have, babies can feel reiki energy very strongly, and it automatically flows to where it is most needed. Often 20 minutes is sufficient for a baby reiki session. The other great benefit of a reiki session for a baby is that their care giver is often with them


It’s a well-trodden path of exhaustion being a parent, and that time sitting next to baby in a relaxing environment can do wonders for feeling calmer and more relaxed. The reiki energy will also work within them directly, adding to wellness and calmness. These feelings of the parent are then picked up on by the baby, helping the baby feel reassured by the parent’s feelings.

I offer private reiki sessions for parent and baby, as well as a new group session called ‘Auntie Reiki’ taking place at Transcend in Eccles each week on Wednesdays, starting 3rd November 2021 so please help spread the word to care givers and parents you know.

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