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10 Facts About Crystal Healing

1. Crystals are formed from water based liquid within the earth, depending on which minerals are dissolved in this liquid, determent's which type of crystal is formed.

2. Crystallisation is the process of the liquid in the earth changing from liquid to solid and with this, changing from a chaotic structure to a highly ordered microscopic structure that we

call crystals.

3. The crystal quartz in its diverse forms makes up about 12 per cent of the land surface and about 20 percent of the Earth's crust.

4. When you work with a crystal, they absorb energy from us and their environments. They can lose their sparkle, brightness and colour. You can cleanse crystals to restore them and re-tune with your intentions and frequency of energy.

5. Crystals have been used for their powerful properties for thousands of years and in a variety of civilisations, such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and First Nation Americans.

6. Quartz watches actually use quartz crystals to keep time. Quartz naturally vibrates at a precise frequency and when compressed or bent, it generates a small voltage on its surface. This is called the Piezoelectric effect and is used to convert this voltage into one electric pulse a second which is connected to the second hand in the clock work.

7. Crystals can break when the energy’s in their surroundings change and the vibrations can therefore cause it to break. You can still use the crystals or the pieces of the broken crystal but you will need to cleanse and re-tune the crystal.

8. Each crystal has its own vibration which causes a frequency wave, this is why you feel attracted to some crystals. These crystals call to you as they are on the same frequency wave as you and so are ‘tuned in to you’.

9. Each of the major chakras has an associated crystal that relates to that chakra’s colour. For example, the root or base chakra is associated with the colour red and the crystal red jasper or red garnet.

10. Crystals made in to different shapes all direct the crystals energy differently, it doesn’t change the crystals basic properties just its focus. For example, a pyramid shape enhances the size of energy fields, an obelisk shape connects between the physical and spiritual worlds and an animal shape brings the qualities of the specific animal to the energy.

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