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8 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Your Best Self

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

We need certain things to keep us happy and content. In addition to Reiki, of course! We need to feel connected to others and also we need growth in our lives. We can still get both, even with social distancing and isolation in place.

Here are 8 things that you can do to stay connected and be your best self.

1. Write a card, letter or maybe even send a small parcel to your friends and family. We all know how much fun it is to receive a note or something unexpected in the post, so uplifting! Someone is thinking of you even when you can’t see them.

You can very easily frank your post online and pop it in the post-box during your daily hour of exercise.

2. Why not join an online group which is based around your interests? We do a Reiki share group every Tuesday evening and we have a catch up, do a meditation, send positive healing thought to whoever is in need, draw oracle cards and discuss a weekly topic such as manifestation or forgiveness. Finding a class that incorporates some time for you to have a catch up with others in the group is important as this way you get the chance to connect with people.

3. Preparing a quiz that you can play with friends online or ask your neighbours if they want to do a quiz over the fence or from balcony to balcony. Some face to face contact (2 metres apart) with your neighbours will give you a sense of community and also a fix of seeing real people in real life (IRL)!

4. It is easy to get fixated on the things we can’t do at the moment so why not make a list of things you are grateful for. Not everything is cancelled! Naming the things that you’re grateful for, will attract positivity, remember lack attracts lack and like attracts like, the law of attraction.

5. Have a film night and watch your childhood films and musicals, we all have some brilliant and sometimes random favourites from growing up! Invite your inner child and feel the innocence of childhood. If you have kids, they will love this too!

6. Staying with our inner child, why not build a den like you used to! Pull all the cushions of the sofa or put sheets over the dining room chairs and have your lunch or dinner sitting on the floor in your very own den.

7. When living as a family can be challenging why not come up with a roommate who you and your family can blame for anything. Mine is called Sharon; ‘Sharon hasn’t done the washing up, again!’

8. We all need a bit of learning and there are some amazing sites to visit from our own sofas. So take a virtual tour of a museums, spiritual sites, an aquarium or observe wildlife.

Here are some links to amazing sites for you to visit online:


Explore the exhibits at The Louvre

See the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. No airplane flight required.

Visit the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles

Aquariums and wildlife

Check out the Moon Jellyfish cam, the shark cam or the coral reef cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Visit with baboons, elephants, tigers, polar bears and more at the San Diego Zoo

Check out pandas with Zoo Atlanta’s Panda Cam

Yosemite National Park in California. See a livestream of Yosemite Falls

Explore Bird Cams. Learn about and view the majestic birds of the world. From owls to falcons, hummingbirds to eagles, penguins to puffins.

Spiritual sites

Experience the Taj Mahal

Take a virtual trip and learn about the Pyramids of Egypt

Visit the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu and learn about this sacred site

Take a 360 degree virtual tour of London here

Visit the sacred lands of Israel: Jerusalem & the Dead Sea

Let’s stay connected and be the best version of ourselves.

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