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February - the month of love but when will you start looking after yourself?

Are you busy running around looking after everyone and everything else, and putting yourself at the bottom of the pile? How do you make sure you look after yourself to be able to keep this up? What would happen when you burn out and can’t do this anymore? Who is going to pick up the pieces?

Looking after yourself is key to being able to look after everyone else. When our days are jam packed, it’s hard to find the time for another appointment, one more thing to squeeze in to your already busy day. But the busier you are, the more important self-care becomes. Stress, even the good kind that motivates us, takes its toll on our physical and emotional health. By trying a regular Reiki session, you could help yourself; boost your immunity; re-energise; sleep better; relax and relieve your stress.

Boosting your immunity

You know that feeling of getting a cold when you could really do without getting ill, as your schedule for the next few weeks is jam packed? Well this is one thing Reiki can help prevent. Reiki strengthens your natural resistance to disease. Reiki does this to you by boosting your reserves and enabling you to fight off bugs and viruses. If you’re always running around looking after everyone, pushing yourself physically and mentally, your immune system is working overtime. Through Reiki you can minimise the chance of getting ill by strengthening your immune system.

More energy

Living a busy life is tiring. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have more energy? Although the immediate state after Reiki is often a somewhat dazed, delightfully relaxed one; energy levels usually increase afterwards. This boost in energy can last from hours, to days, to weeks after Reiki. You may notice this through increases in motivation or a little extra spring in your step.

Mental Clarity

Experiencing ‘overload’ of thoughts and worries is usual for people who are as busy as you are. Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to make any decisions, as everything feels muddled together in your head. Reiki often gives people a form of mental clarity which allows them to make better, quicker decisions with confidence. Lingering thoughts and daunting jobs seem all of a sudden crystal clear. How good will it make you feel when you can make a dent in your to-do-list?!

Stress Relief

Are you stressed? It is quit usual for this answer to be ‘no’, as you might be that used to your busy life that you don’t even realise the stress sitting within you anymore. Busy people can get so used to living with certain levels of stress that this becomes the new ‘normal’. You only realise how stressed you were, once the stress has been relieved. Reiki relieves stress and helps you to feel less affected and better equipped to tackle the stressful parts of your life.

Better sleep

Finally, it is time to go back to bed, but as you put your head down… but here they come, the mind monkeys! During sleep the body gets the opportunity to restore, process and recover from stress. When living a busy life this is very important, but when the mind monkeys are there it can be very hard to quiet them down, and to achieve a sleep that will allow you to restore. Sleeplessness is often not the reason why people come for Reiki, but the improvement in sleep is a noticeable benefit. We all love a good night’s sleep that makes you wake up feeling rested and ready for the next day, and Reiki can really help you achieve this.

This is why busy people should invest in having a Reiki session, and will start to feel the benefits of a boosted immunity, more energy, clarity of the mind, stress relief and better sleep. Look after yourself this year and give yourself the Valentine’s present you deserve.

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