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Is this the opportunity you have been waiting for?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

As we very slowly are starting to come out of lockdown, what changes are you bringing into your life?

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people who have been reflecting on how they live their lives. Lockdown and the mandatory slowdown of life has prompted them to reflect on their life and what they really want out of it.

Many of us live a very busy and often hectic life. We might not have realised this before lockdown, but now most of us have been forced to live our lives at a slower pace. For some people this has meant stopping completely and other being busy in a different manner.

This period of change makes you think about the past, the now and the future. Parts of your life that you never thought you could change have changed, eyes have been opened to what live could be like without going into the office every day and instead spending time with the family.

It is important to think about the parts of lockdown that have made positive changes to your life. What are they and how have they changed you?

Do you want to go back to life before lockdown or do you want to embed some of these changes?

How are you going to transform these positive temporary changes into lasting changes?

For some people the revelation of a better quality of life through the positive parts that lockdown has enforced upon us, will stay just that, a revelation. For these people, they will return back to their busy, hectic lives as soon as they can. Why is this? For many people this will be due to fear – a fear of not being seen as ‘super’ parent; fear of not being seen career-driven enough; fear of lack of income; fear of change itself; fear of the unknown; fear of losing face or fear of loss of control.

But this doesn’t have to be you. Don’t be ruled by fear.

Instead, grab this opportunity with both hands and enrich your life and that of the people around you. It’s time to think about what your real priorities are and should be…. health, happiness and well-being or forever being on the hamster wheel while depleting your own resources.

We can help you live your life to the full. Start making positive changes to your life now and get in touch with Pauline Smit Reiki for a free consultation.

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