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Manifestation - Take Control of Your Life Now

We create our reality whether consciously or not all the time. Missing the bus when you woke up in a hurry and was worrying of coming late? Or has it ever happened to you that you wanted something so much but deep inside you didn’t believe that it could be yours and it hasn’t happened?

These are all examples of manifestation. The problem isn’t learning how to manifest, we all do it all the time. The challenge is rather how we can manifest consciously so we don’t feel powerless and like we’re dependent on a luck or any external factor.

I was thinking about moments when it feels like everything is going wrong. You know this feeling when it’s almost too late, things look bad, and then all of a sudden everything turns out well.

The power of decision

I’ve come to understand that we can change any situation by our conscious decision. When we fully commit and completely say — I want this no matter what and I choose it completely. This has much greater power than you might think.

We always get what we want and if you’re tired of getting what you don’t want then it’s time to make unconscious manifestation more conscious

Principles of conscious manifestation

Have a vision. You need to know exactly where you wish to go. There is no way around this step. It’s like going away somewhere but not knowing exactly where you’re going. You might end up in your neighbourhood wondering why you aren’t in some better place. Well, you just wanted to get somewhere else, without a clear vision and that is what you’ve got — you’re somewhere else. Once you know that you’re heading to Spain, you know which plane to take. It works exactly the same with anything in your life. Once you have a direction, your mind will align your actions towards your goal.

Have a strong desire. Now we have a vision, we need something that energizes the vision. If you’re flying to Spain, you know that plane needs fuel to get there. The same works for your vision, you need the right fuel so you can manifest it. Have a vision that moves you and each time you think about it, you feel lighter and joyful. These are the emotions that will get you where you want to go. Dare to dream and think big, it will help you to literally energize your vision.

Have a clear intention. Conscious manifestation is all about intention. Intend that your vision happens at your will. Manifestation doesn’t require much effort but being focused on what you want. Intention gives a clear direction to your desire. By being focused, you say to the energy where it should go. Imagine that you’d like to start a yoga studio but your energy and focus would go on being on Facebook and chatting with your friends. While there is nothing inherently bad about that, the thing is that you lack energy that you need to support your dream. Every dream needs a certain amount of energy to manifest in a physical reality. This is where focus and intention play a major role.

Develop an unflappable belief. Very likely you haven’t manifested what you desire because deep down you don’t believe that it could be yours. This is absolutely common and there is nothing bad about it. Nevertheless, if you lack the belief that it can be yours then it CANNOT manifest. With your disbelief you block the manifestation. Let’s say that you have a clear vision with strong desire but you don’t believe that it could happen for you. Then what happens is like saying; ‘’Actually, I cannot have it. I don’t believe that it can be mine.” The Universe responds; “so be it”.

Trust. For conscious manifestation you need trust. I don’t mean giving up or attitude saying ‘whatever’. What I mean here is about acceptance of your new belief and that it’s true for yourself and you can have it. Just trust that it’s already yours. Don’t focus on reasons why it shouldn’t work out, instead surrender yourself to your desire and fully accept it in your life. Accept that this is what you want and that you want to have it.

Take an aligned action. Align your actions with your goal. If you want to go to travel the world, then you might need to save more money or have some other source of income while you travel. In order to ground the energy, do what you would be doing in the case when you’d be certain that it’s already yours. In our example, by saving money for your travels you’re aligning yourself with the realizing your dream — you show to the Universe that you’re certain that you’ll go therefore you’re preparing for it by saving money.

Let it go. This is where most people get into difficulty. We like to control things in our life because we’re afraid that if we wouldn’t control them then they would not happen. And this is exactly the reason why we need to let them go. If we obsess about having it ‘now’ then we’re simultaneously saying that we don’t believe that we can have it. By letting go of when and how, you show that you believe that it is already yours.

Support yourself. Reality just reflects back to you your own support. So if you feel like the Universe has forgotten you and your dreams then look at the way you support your dreams. By ignoring your dreams or withdrawing from them, you create the kind of reality that is ignoring you and your dreams as well.

Be crystal clear. An effortless and conscious manifestation should be crystal clear. It’s 100% focused on the goal with all its energy and purity. If there is anything holding you back from believing or focusing on your goal, then this something will be stopping you from manifesting your desire. It can be very difficult to be crystal clear and focused. If we decide with all our will and focus, then we can change an unwanted outcome into something what we want instead.

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