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Self Healing

The Buddhist monk Dr Usui is the person credited with bringing Reiki to the Western world. The aim; to give a tool to people, to help with our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is closely aligned to mindfulness and meditation.

We use Reiki to balance and heal our energy systems. Those who are trained in Reiki use it to balance their own energy system but also the energy systems for other living beings.

This helps all living beings be happier and healthier.

I found Reiki in my teenage years, through my mum who was training to be a Reiki Master. During this time, I had quite a few mental health challenges and Reiki helped me enormously. A few years later I started my journey to become a Reiki Master: This has given me more than just a tool, it is a become a way of life.

Even though technically you need to be Reiki trained to do Reiki, I believe that there is something that we can all do to help us gain some self-healing benefits through Reiki energy.

Follow these simple steps and you may be surprised at how good you feel.

The key things to consider are practice and intention.

Practice means setting aside some time for yourself, including finding a quiet spot for 20-30 minutes. If you have a busy household this might mean going for a walk or sitting on a park bench.

Intention means that you voice within yourself a belief that self-healing can and will occur.

First, start to feel settled by taking some deep and slow breaths.

Next focus on your intentions to self-heal. These could be specific such as addressing a particular stress or physical pain or could be more general for example to feel more calm or peaceful.

When you feel yourself start to relax, begin to visualise that there is a loving light energy flowing all around you. Channel this by laying your hands on to your own body, such as putting your palm on to the middle of your chest (your heart centre).

Put your other hand on your solar plexus, which is just above your navel, (belly button).

Sit or stand quietly and imagine the energy flowing in a way that matches your intentions. For example, if your intention is to address a specific pain or ache then visualise the energy flowing into this area of your body, bringing love and light.

This universal love and light is available to us all, and is within us and readily available from all around us. You may want to put your hand on the area of your body that you want to heal. If it is a more emotional pain or a more general intention, then having your hands on your heart chakra and solar plexus is best.

If your belief system includes spiritual guides, then invite them to guide and assist you in the process of self-healing.

Do this for as long as you feel, or as long as you are able to. When you feel it’s coming to an end, take the time to thank the energy/the universe or whatever you believe creates the energy and healing. Also take the time to thank yourself for taking this time to look after yourself and your own well-being. Trust that the universal energy of love and light has balanced within you.

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