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Sound healing

Sound baths and sound healing have recently become popular. Many people have been asking me about sound healing and its benefits. As a qualified sound healer, here is my take on sound baths and sound healing, and why people should consider them as part of their health routine.

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is often experienced through a session with a sound healer where they use instruments to make sound-waves though the vibrations of the instrument played. When our body is out of balance, sound healing can re-tune it, a bit like tuning an instrument. When clear harmonious sounds are sounded for a person who is unbalanced or sick, their body will lock into those healing sounds. For an in-depth look at how sound healing works see [HERE]

What are the benefits of sound healing?

• Clears mind and body of stagnant or blocked energy

• Uplifting, clearing and relaxing

• Experience deep relaxation

• Immersive journey of sound

• Can ease physical tension and pain

• Can help to inspire creativity

What is the difference between a sound bath and sound healing?

A sound bath usually happens as a group, and lots of different instruments are used including gongs, chimes, crystals bowls, Himalayan bowls and percussion instruments.

A sound healing session is mostly one-to-one. We start with a chakra diagnosis to see what their needs are. The session is then tailored to the individual and involves either crystal bowls or Himalayan bowls depending on the choice by the client. For more information on the difference between the two options see [HERE]

This is what people have said about the sessions they have had with me:

‘The sound bath felt like I was on a circular journey, Pauline took me through a journey of growth and feeling, and self-discovery.’ – A client from May 2022

‘The sound healing sessions took me away from day-to-day worries and gave me the space to work through and let go some things I have been holding on to.’ – A client from April 2022

‘During my sound healing session, Pauline used sonic massage, where she played the bowls on my back, which relieved my chronic pain and released my tension. Afterwards I feel revitalised physically.’ – May 2022.

So why not come and have session for yourself and see what good it can do for you. I run both group sound baths as well as one-to-one sound healing sessions.

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