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The Cathedral of Your Mind

Although Reiki isn’t associated with any religion, I would like to share with you my recent experience of going to a church, and how this reflects what we search for to meet our basic spiritual needs.

I’ve not been brought up religious nor did I go to a religious school, so my view point on religion has often been as an outsider looking in. I am sceptical of religion when people suggest they know the only one, true way of being or believing, because I feel this doesn’t reflect the many different ways people can experience something sacred in their lives or their cultures.

It therefore was an unexpected experience when I recently felt a connection to a church. Through holding our sound baths at the Unitarian church here in Monton, I met the Reverend (Anna) and a couple more of the people who are part of the community there.

At first I was drawn to the building which is amazing and anyone can feel the warm energy as soon as they step foot into this church. The Unitarian Church has been on this site since the 1700s with current building dating from 1875, with its beautiful and original futures such as the stunning stained glass windows. Some of these depict philosophers such as Socrates, showing the very open nature of Unitarians, who believe in a being / a ‘god’ or goddess but draw from many faiths and histories to help us understand this being.

Religion to me has often felt limiting, strong convictions of believes and no room to move on that or see other possibilities, but being in this building has taught and reminded me of some things.

The first is that we all seek belonging. In our wider society, mental health is at an all-time low, and worries around the energy /cost of living crisis and the war in the Ukraine can leave us feeling hopeless. But we don’t have to go through this alone. I see my students in my Reiki courses build connection together, they learn about Reiki together as well as build up a space for care and discussion. Some find this connection in a church, while others find it in a community of practice.

The second reflection is that we all need a space for reflection. Some people find this through a weekly or daily religious service, and through the creating of this space in their lives, they allow themselves time to process, to reflect to heal and to be open to the spiritual wonder in their lives. This is the type of space I aim to create in my Reiki sessions. This is the space we all need to nurture ourselves and our inner spiritual life.

So if you are seeking your place, come and have your time with me at my Reiki studio and experience what Reiki can give you.

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