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Tired of Being Tired?

We all love the feeling of waking up after a rejuvenating night’s sleep feeling rested and ready for the day ahead. Unfortunately, these nights don’t come around so often, especially in uncertain times when worries can come creeping in.

Many of us will have seen the memes on Facebook or watched YouTube self-help videos about the importance of less caffeine, healthy eating and reducing screen-time to aid us in healthy sleeping patterns.

Though useful and helpful, sometimes these alone are not enough to give us restful sleep. This is where Reiki comes in, and can help you achieve a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Our sleep is influenced often by how we feel during our waking hours. Stress and anxiety is the number one cause affecting the quality of our sleep.

Reiki can restore balance and positively affect our parasympathetic nervous system to stabilize our heart rate, breathing and blood pressure, easing stress, reducing anxiety and encouraging relaxation.

As Reiki practitioners we often have clients come for their Reiki sessions with high levels of stress or anxiety to only fall asleep on the table during their Reiki session.

The benefits of Reiki towards sleep health for all of us is undeniable. When I’ve had a busy day, I take some time before sleep to use Reiki for self-healing. I either find a comfortable place to sit or lie in bed, I might put some relaxing music on, then I place my hands on my belly and channel the relaxing and healing Reiki energy. This enables me to put the day to rest. After 10-15 minutes I feel more grounded and centred and able to enjoy a night of deep and restoring sleep which leaves me refreshed and energised in the morning.

Book a Reiki session to experience how Reiki can benefit your sleep or get in touch to find out more about learning how to use Reiki for self-care and sleep health.

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