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Where do crystals come from and how do they heal us?

How are crystals formed?

Crystals, gemstones, rocks or precious stones are all different words to describe stones with healing properties.

They are formed in the earth and start of as a liquid that is saturated with dissolved minerals from the earth. When the temperature changes from hot to cold this liquid crystallises, which means it becomes solid and turns into the crystals and stones we know.

Crystals come in all different sizes and grow in a variety of different ways, such as clusters and geodes. Some get treated and cut and we can then buy them as tumble stones or cut/raw stones others are kept as clusters or geodes.

When they are in the earth and depending on which minerals were dissolved in the water, their healing properties and energies differ for each type of crystal.

How crystal healing works

We know that crystals are formed by natural alignment of minerals over time. Crystals are always arranged in an organised fashion and are built up slowly. This formation is structured in such a way that an energy field is created within and around every crystal.

If a crystal is rubbed, twisted or receives a blow, it builds up a tiny electric charge within the crystal. The more the crystal is worked and handled, the greater the electric charge will be, although still incredible small. It is enough to make a difference and we can feel this as a tingling effect when handling the crystals.

This special quality makes the crystals respond to their owner and their energies can be invigorated by intend. Intention is the focusing of the minds energy by a person on a particular crystal. You can hold or rub a crystal to make it your own as when you carry a crystal with you it will start attuning itself to you and your energy fields. And your energy fields will start picking up the healing properties of the crystal in return. The longer you own the crystal the stronger it becomes. This means that you can charge them with the intentions and energies you want them to work with.

When you have made your crystal your own, you can place it near to you in a room or carry it on your body. By carrying the crystal on your body you have it immersed in your energy field and many people like it there to help them in their daily life.

Over time you might build quite a collection of crystals and you will choose one or two to carry with you. After choosing your crystal for the day, set your intention with the ‘affirmation of intend’.

Hold the stone and say out loud the following affirmation:

‘I ask that this crystal will assist me with the healing on all levels for the highest good.’

You can repeat this affirmation every time you pick up a crystal to carry with you.

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